Welcome! Here you will find everything to aid in the health and well being of your canine companion. Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by humans. In fact, many, if not most pet health concerns can be addressed by helping your pets to live a healthier lifestyle with everything being all natural.

Featured Products

PetAlive Performance Plus
Sale Price -  $21.95
Naturally support agility, memory and good behavior during dog shows and for pets in training

PetAlive Muscle & Joint Support Formula
Sale Price - $43.95
Treats symptoms, relieve pain and reduce stiffness of arthritis, rheumatism and degenerative joint disease.

PetAlive Skin and Coat Tonic
Sale Price - $34.95
Natural remedy for relief of dry and itchy skin. Maintains healthy skin and glossy coat. Supports immune system health.

PetAlive Digestive Support
Sale Price - $29.95
Natural digestive system tonic soothes stomach bloat and the gastrointestinal system.

"When a veterinary surgeon practices the use of homeopathic medicine and is asked why he does so, he may give one of several answers. The simple answer would be that the results are good, an emphatic answer would be that homeopathic treatment has no unpleasant or dangerous side effects, while still achieving successful results.

The PetAlive Homeopathic range has been formulated with this knowledge and is specifically designed to treat your pet in a holistic and natural manner."

Dr. Glenn Ferguson
M-Tech Homeopathy
Doctor of Chinese Medicine


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